The Sanford Harmony Program
Building Healthy Relationships Among Students

The Sanford Harmony program is designed to make a difference in how Pre-K through 6th grade students think about and treat each other. By promoting positive relationships between students in Pre-K through 6th grade, this program promotes respect and understanding of differences among all children. The goal is to expand understanding and acceptance of gender differences at an early age with a result of positively affecting adult relationships.

Program Overview:

Fully Developed Pre-K through 6th Grade School-Based Program

  • Storybooks and songs for Pre-K through 2nd Grade
  • "Meet Up" activities designed to promote whole-class communication and relationship-building
  • "Buddy Up" activities designed to foster peer-to-peer connection and collaboration
  • Unit plans and everyday practice guides for teachers

Ideally encompasses the entire school

  • Teacher and staff professional development
  • Classroom structures and activities

Focused training for immediate implementation

  • Minimal demands on teacher and classroom time
  • Easy to integrate in existing classroom activities

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